About Us

8-bit Esports is an esports organization that embodies the energy, growth, and spirit of Las Vegas, growing from nothing but a barren desert into the Entertainment Capital of North America. 8-bit’s beginnings started from a small meeting room at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), where students would gather together and play video games on any available television or computer. As 8-bit blossomed from a gathering of friends into a student recognized club, then into the official esports program of UNLV, 8-bit’s mark in the university’s esports program was made, creating championship collegiate teams and players. But 8-bit wasn’t done growing. Just like Downtown Las Vegas expanding south into The Strip, 8-bit expanded. Now stepping into the professional scene, 8-bit is ready to help Las Vegas not only become the Entertainment Capital of North America, but also the Esports capital of North America. 8-bit Esports competes in Rocket League, VALORANT, Smash Ultimate, and Smash Melee.